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  • "Locations" is a plugin-module combination with a very simple scope: to hide/show parts of your content based on user's preferences. The module shows a drop-down of available locations - as company headquartes/operating centers/sales points, whatever crosses your mind. The list of locations is a simple, comma delimited list.

    You have the possibility to add a pre-text to the module, for example to explain to your users what is the role of the module.

    The accompanying plugin is very simple to use. Just place the text you want to show when certain location in the module is selected like {location MyTown}Content specific for MyTown option from module{/location}.

    The text above will be shown ONLY if in the module MyTown is selected. The module/plugin pair is working only together, you should download the pack, unpack it, install and publish them both.

    The plugin has no option yet, and the module is fully translatable, English and Hungarian language files are attached.

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