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Question Problem | customattributesextendedwindow

27 Apr 2011 20:35 #166 by ivailop53@gmail.com

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  • Hello,

    I have installed "customattributesextendedwindow" in Joomla 1.5 | VirtueMart 1.1.3, but I think that is not working normally.
    So far as I understand the information here www.webgobe.ro/en/downloads/component-hacks.html # 2
    I set a height, the system automatically calculates the length and cost estimates. If it is so, could you tell me from where comes the problem.

    I use your example
    Fenetre (window )(|)( 350 | 350 | 1800 | 2100 | 16 | 2 | 200)

    Joomla 1.5 | VirtueMart 1.1.3 is installed on Xampp

    If the hack is not configured like that, could you tell me whether it can achieve this with this hack?

    I want to do that link

    Thank you in advance

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    04 May 2011 06:37 #167 by webgobe

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  • Sorry for late response... for some reason Kunena does not sent out to me the notification of your post :(.
    Here's the response:
    "So far as I understand the information here www.webgobe.ro/en/downloads/component-hacks.html # 2
    I set a height, the system automatically calculates the length and cost estimates. If it is so, could you tell me from where comes the problem."
    The system calculates the height of window blinds based on the height entered by the user by adding the extra height set by you in attributes parameters. Width also need to be entered by user, and the system considers the windows blinds width to be the same...
    I'm not sure if this was your problem... but this is the way the attribute works.
    Also product need to be set with the price equal with the price of minimal surface!!! It's crucial! The resulting price will be that price + the price of exceeding surface + the price of windows blinds needed. So the price is calculated as follows: First surface exceeding the minimal dimensions is calculated, so if you use the above attribute, and user enters 350*450 as dimensions, then the exceeding surface will be 350*450-350*350=350*100 sqmm, this will be multiplied by the price for the exceeding surface, and the result will be added to the product's base price. Then the price of the whole windows blinds is calculated 350*(450+200)
    and this is multiplied with the price of the windows blinds, and added to the sum resulted above.
    The hack IS developed on VirtueMart 1.1.3 and Joomla 1.5 and reportedly works in a number of sites, so, or you are doing something wrong, or you expect a behaviour the hack wasn't build for.

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