Question VM product filter don't show results

03 Jan 2011 10:02 #109 by Paul Sellis

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  • Hi,

    first of all Thanks for sharing your module.

    - I have installed it but I don't get any result: after form validation, I jump back to the home page. No result shown...

    - I have a second question:
    some of the product type parameters are for backend usage only and don't have to be shown to users.
    How could I skip them from the product filter form?

    Thanks for your help

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    03 Jan 2011 10:32 #110 by webgobe

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  • Can you send me the URL? Even in PM is good if you don't want to share it with the rest of the world ;).
    But before that you can do a simple check: enable the VirtueMart's All-in-one module (simplest way to find the link to Advanced Search) and check, if the core advanced search is working. I guess you have missed something, the module to work you need at least a product type with at least a parameter to be set up, and a product assigned to that product type with parameter selected to work.
    For the second question:
    You can group the parameters which aren't for public access in a separate product type - simplest way to hide them from the average visitor.

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    03 Jan 2011 12:47 #111 by Paul Sellis

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  • Thanks for your answer.

    OK I have to install your module on a preview site. I'll tell you when it will be OK by MP

    By the way, I don't have any All in One VM Module to activate... I use the 1.1.4 Virtuemart version, could it be the reason why ?

    Your suggestion for my second question could be a good trick. I didn't know that a single product could belong to 2 products type.
    Because that means for me that my Books Product type will be divided in Books_Frontend and Books_Backend Product types. Same thing for CDs, DVDs, and so on...
    Well I am afraid it could be heavy to manage, no ? the module backend, what about a small checkbox in front of each parameters to use them or not in the filter form ?... ;)

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    04 Jan 2011 11:17 #112 by Paul Sellis

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  • In case someone has the same issue, here is the solution :

    The single issue I had is that the module has a parameter: ItemID defaults to 1
    It's set like that because ItemID 1 is usually the homepage on most setups.
    In my case the menu ItemID of the shop isn't 1 but 92 (my shop isn't on the frontpage).

    OK my problem is solved.
    Many thanks Denes for his efficient support.
    The following user(s) said Thank You: webgobe

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