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Dinamod Colored Tab Modules is based on excellent Dinamod Tab Modules by Jesús Vargas with a twist: the tabs are differently colored and the colors can be controlled by the module's backend. The actual release supports a maximum of 4 tabs. The module help you to easily render modules in highly customizable tabs. Just install, define a new position for the tabs (default is "dinamod"), publish each desired module in that position and finally configure and publish mod_dinamods. Some featured options are:<br>
• Showing the tabs on top or on the bottom <br>
• onClik or onMouseOver selectable tabs<br>
• Auto rotating within a certain time <br>
• Customizing size, border, margins and each possible color

Moderatori: webgobe it's the most widespread, industry standard hit counter for sites in the .ro domain. The module adds a hit counter to your Joomla! website. It also includes a web traffic and search/keyword-analysis. To get your free ID, simply visit and signup for the free service. Once done, write down or save your ID, your site ID and password and insert your site ID (may be different from your account ID!) in the module parameters, then press "Save". Visit your site's frontpage and click on the badge to check if everything works as expected!

Moderatori: webgobe

Quantcast badge Niciun subiect

Quantcast is a new media measurement service that lets advertisers view audience reports on millions of websites and services. The module adds the badge needed for the service to display data collected from your site in the form of a badge of your choice on your Joomla! website.
Version 1.0.5

To be able to display it, you first need to get your site quantified by Quantcast and to insert the Quantcast tag to your site for example using the Quantcast tag plugin available on the JED.

Moderatori: webgobe
Niciun subiect

VirtueMart modules 38 subiecte

Support for various VirtueMart modules

Moderatori: webgobe

Ask your questions about the hacks we made available for download. Try to keep your questions in their specific category!
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