Întrebare VirtueMart product type filter module - read this!

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  • Before you ask for support, please, do me a favor, and do a simple check: enable the VirtueMart's All-in-one module (simplest way to find the link to Advanced Search) and check, if the core advanced search is working. In most cases needing support your fellow webmaster colleagues have missed something!
    For the module to work you need at least a product type with at least a parameter to be set up, and a product assigned to that product type with parameter selected to work.
    You can find valuable info about how to do it there:
    VM Manual: 4.6.5. Product Types Management
    If you passed succesfully the above, there are 2 possible failure points, both related with the setup of the module:
    a. Be sure that you selected ONE and ONLY ONE product type from the list. The module can search products belonging to a single product type only!
    b. You may have minor problems because the ItemID settings in the module configuration. This defaults to 1, but you MUST edit it and set it to the ItemID used by VirtueMart on your site.
    If you still have problems, feel free to ask for help!
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